Just like other towns in Accra, it is the home of the indigenous Ga people of Accra. By all standards, Osu is a post-modern society with rich cultural history and significance to Ghana and its people. It is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf of Guinea. Osu, is renowned for its food joints, shops and the vibrant, lively atmosphere particularly at night. Near the Osu market is the Osu night market, where domedo (traditional roasted pork) kenkey and banku (both made of corn dough and served with sauce), are sold till late into the night.

It is landmarked by the Osu Castle, which became the residence of Ghana’s first president, Kwame Nkrumah a new presidential palace to be built. Osu is the most torurist and cosmopolitan area of Accra with mid to upper range of hotels, restaurants, malls, apartments, etc. Its name and likeness from the famous Oxford Street in London, thus indicating how every tourist who visits Ghana goes to this place.


  • Osu Oxford Street Mall

  • Koala Shopping Centre

  • Lara Mart

  • Osu Forico Mall


Rabito Clinic is a leading private health care provider in dermatology, gynaecology, obstetrics and general treatment in Ghana. It provides online booking and a door to door delivery of medicine to its clients. It was founded by the illustrious Dr. Edmund N. Delle MD, DTM, DSVD, FICA, FAAD, MBAD, DDG, FGCP who returned home to start the clinic in Accra. The clinic now has 27 branches all around the country. Contact them behind the Koala Shopping Centre on 0302 774526.

Trust Hospitals (SSNIT) has two locations in Osu. One is about 500m south of the Osu Oxford Street off the Danquah Circle and off the stadium road, a new plush trust hospital has been opened to serve the Osu community. It is reputable for its consultations, 24-hour laboratory and testing facilities and a convenient location in Osu. 0302 776 787-9

MedLab is located at the SGS House, 14 Ridge road. It is the best laboratory in Accra with branches in Osu Akai House Clinic. 0302-776 884 /773 994

Osu Akai House Clinic is located off the main Oxford Street. With general practitioner, Dr. Adrian Nii Oddoye, it serves good general care and laboratory facilities with pharmacy. Contact them on 0302-763 822/ 0244 448 404

Ramona Clinic is located along the Osu Oxford Street, Adjacent to Frankies restaurant. Contact them at +233 302 777 907

VRA Hospital & Pharmacy is a government hospital located on the Osu Lokko road with general and specialist care with a pharmacy. Contact them on +233-302 776 427 /0244 712 311

Schools & Libraries

Osu has a mix of pre and post-independence Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian missionary schools. There are number of public and private schools that have sprung up over the years as well. There are number of the kindergarten and nursery schools with both Ghanaian and international curricula. The community has a number of private libraries scattered around like the

  • Kathy Knowles Children’s Library

  • George Padmore Reference Library: Adjacent to the Accra International Conference Centre.

  • Salem Senior High School

  • Presbyterian Senior High School Osu

  • Home School Primary & JHS


Osu is well suited for significant historical explorations by both locals and foreigners. Most of these places in Osu area walking distance from each other. Some of the recommended places you can see are;

  • Osu Castle

  • Black Star Square

  • Accra Sports Stadium

  • Accra International Conference Centre

  • National Theatre

  • Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

  • Accra Handicraft Market, popularly known as Arts Centre, is located next to the Kwame Nkrumah Musoleum, off the High Street in Accra. The center became very popular in the 80’s for its leisure and entertainment programmes.

Restaurants & Bars

The nightlife in Osu is always almost buzzing from Wednesdays down to Sundays. If you like the clubs, bars, coffee shops there are lots of places to choose from. Depending on the style of music atmosphere and crowd you prefer. The main Labone and Cantonments roads and those around it have a variety of African, French, Lebanese, Chinese, Indian and European restaurants. Osu has something for everyone. Here are some of the most popular venues depending on your preference.

Buka is a highly recommended place for any tourists in Ghana who will like to wet their taste buds with African and Ghanaian dishes with a touch of Western style. Whether is for breakfast, lunch or dinner you can treat yourself to eclectic dishes from Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Nigeria and Senegal. It serves dishes such as banku with grilled tilapia, kenkey with sauce and pork, fufu with soup, egusi with eba. Buka is opened from Mondays through to Saturdays from noon till 10pm and on Sundays from Noon till 6pm. 0244 842 464/ 0242 230 163

Frankies is found on the main Osu Oxford Street. The restaurant has a wide variety of European and Continental dishes. The ground floor of the restaurant also has different ice cream flavours to melt any heartbreak. The view from here is incredible as the large glass windows throw a great aerial view of Osu and the ocean.

Honey Suckle is a sports bar type of set up just around Koala, at the entrance of Oxford Street from Cantonments. It serves with mostly continental foods, drinks, pool table and large TV’s for any sports you are expecting.

Firefly is located from Koala towards the main oxford street, it is up the road from the first turning on your right.It is a stylish lounge bar with cocktails and one of the best selections of tapas in Ghana.It is usually really happening from Thursday nights to the weekend. If you are looking to have cocktails and dance to good Afro and Western music, this is a great place for you and your friends. 0302 777 818 or 054 968 9050

Republics Bar is right behind the Oxford Street Mall, there is no better place to meet friends and the expat community than this place. Their DJ’s are great on set with music from the Caribbean, Africa and Europe. There is usually something for everyone.

Shisha Lounge is on the road down from the Koala Shopping Centre, the newly opened lounge is a great place to relax almost any day of the week with afro beats, techno and garage type of music. It is a good place to eat and have drinks.