About Us

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Africa Growth Story

Sub-Saharan Africa is enjoying an era of sustained socio-economic growth and development. Most economies in the geographic region are considered to be one the highest growth economies in the world based on a steadily improving economic regimes. Consequently this phenomenon has created massive positive trends, such as population growth, urbanization, increased disposable income and increased infrastructure needs.

With the middle class boom especially in urban settings related to new businesses and rising interest of both domestic and foreign investments, it has become necessary to provide property services that targets these markets and meets their specific needs. Africa’s exceptional promise for sustained growth and development also presents enormous challenges which require deep thinking businesses to create sustainable, innovative solutions around these opportunities.

What We Do

SellRent began with an objective to make property acquisition a stress-free and fun experience by using technology driven productivity and sustainable relationships. Our core value is to provide accurate and reliable information and tools to make smart decisions in the real estate market. We are a residential and commercial  brokerage firm offering comprehensive real estate services to property owners, home buyers, tenants, real estate developers and investors. We also provide other auxiliary services such as market research, property management and valuation. 


Our team is up to date with market intelligence, industry expertise, local market knowledge and forecasting to make long-term decisions in the real estate market. Our culture of professionalism, honesty and quality of information distinguishes our team.

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Partners & Alliances 

We continuously collaborate with key industry players and partners to reach new heights in our business and to create value for our stakeholders. SellRent is actively establishing long-term, sustainable relationships with developers, land owners, mortgage lenders to serve our clients faster.